Meal Guide for Women

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The plan has over 25 recipes some with information on nutrition. You have a whole week of meals that you can mix as you wish.

The best start to a weight loss is to keep an eye on yourself by asking yourself, “what do I eat?”. “Which food gives me extra energy and which do not?”

The plan also has a calorie count so you have the opportunity to calculate your daily intake of calories – at least at first, but not required. Until you know what it takes to keep you full all day. A natural way to eat and be healthy.

Women can take up to 1500 kcal per day. If you follow the plan, you can lose weight between 0.5-1 kg a week.

Note: After purchase there is no right of withdrawal on this product.

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With over 25 recipes including nutritional information, an entire week of meals are planned! Including an easy to print out shopping list, this meal plan makes staying healthy during your busy week easy. I’ve included breakfast, lunch, dinner and easy snack recipes to keep you inspired and excited to try more. Nothing is worse than boring healthy recipes that taste like cardboard! This iswhy I make sure to taste test every recipe to ensure that your taste buds will be excited!

Mix and match as you wish, and enjoy these healthy but appetizing recipes! Remember to ask yourself: “what do I eat?” “which food items give me the energy I need and which do not?”

I’ve included calorie information as well as a food diary to help you stay informed and on track. Keeping track isn’t required but can be a good way to help you learn, what foods help keep you full and which one’s are just empty calories. This plan is aimed at helping you loose between 0.5-1kg a week.

Note: After purchase there is no right of withdrawal on this product.