Meal Guide for Women


Meal Guide for Women

The plan has over 25 recipes some with information on nutrition. You have a whole week of meals that you can mix as you wish.

The best start to a weight loss is to keep an eye on yourself by asking yourself, “what do I eat?”. “Which food gives me extra energy and which do not?”
The plan also has a calorie count so you have the opportunity to calculate your daily intake of calories – at least at first, but not required. Until you know what it takes to keep you full all day. A natural way to eat and be healthy. 

Women can take up to 1500 kcal per day. If you follow the plan, you can lose weight between 0.5-1 kg a week.

Note: After purchase there is no right of withdrawal on this product.

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  • Feel cleaner, lighter, and healthier—without starving 
  • Renew your energy 
  • Accelerate your transformation


  • When you desire healthier habits 
  • When you feel like you’ve been off track for awhile 


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