Meal Guide for Men


What is included

The plan has over 25 recipes some nutrition information. You have meals for an entire week in the meal plan, so you can mix as you wish.

The best start to a healthier lifestyle is to ask yourself, “what do I eat.” “Which food provides me with extra energy and which do not?”

No stress you do not need to count calories. Although, you have the option with this plan because it has  a calorie count page at the end of the book. So you have the opportunity to calculate your daily intake of calories – at least at first. Until you know what it takes to keep you full all day.

Men up to 1500 kcal per day. If you follow flat, you can lose weight between 0.5-1 kg a week.

Note: After purchase there is no right of withdrawal on this product.

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  • Feel cleaner, lighter, and healthier—without starving 
  • Renew your energy 
  • Accelerate your transformation


  •  When you desire healthier habits 
  • When you feel like you’ve been off track for awhile 


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