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Home Personal Training


I help people grow stronger, lose fat, build muscle and feel great. I will help you achieve your goals with a personal training course program.


  • Intro Conversation
  • Screening your current starting point 
  • Individual training schedule (
  • Personal training 1 to 4 hours per week
  • Training in our own private home.
  • Dietary recommendations – Meal Plan
  • Measurements (fat percentage and muscle mass)
  • Support and motivation from your coach.
  • Contact for more information


A personal training course is aimed at you, someone who would like to become a better version of yourself. 


Reg nr. 3409  Kontornr. 0012576064

  • NOTE: Registration and Cancellation. Your registration is binding upon payment and the money can not be refunded. If you wish, your space may be disclosed / sold to another person. If you should be prevented from meeting up to your session, it is not possible to get a replacement session.

Package offer price

5 hours personal training DKK 3.995, –

10 hours personal training DKK 6.990, –