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Guest Instructors

During quarintine. Enjoy my amazing guest instructors who have partnered with me to help keep Denmark moving and happy.

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All About Abs & Booty

Full focus on core, back, legs, thighs and gluteus.

15 Courses


Pilates and fitness exercise tutorial videos. Learn how to train safely and get maximal results out of your workout.

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Quick Workouts

Short on time. These workouts are perfect for you on vacation. This workout can be done both outdoors and indoors.

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Terricka Fitness Complete 4-8 week Programs. 

1. Ready, Sweat, Glow

2. Stronger Today

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Sharing my favorite recipes.

6 Recipes

Full Body Workout

H.I.I.T, Tabata, Kickboxing, Bodyweight and more.

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Eeffective, at-home mat workouts ranging from Classical Pilates, Modern Pilates to sweat-inducing cardio fusion.

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Move with Me

Pilates, Yoga, Dance workouts & mobility flow. Warm-up & Cool-Down.

15 Courses