Terricka Fitness works with companies and organizations to provide customized health and fitness training programs for their employees.

Partner with your company to develop a plan that suits your employee needs.

Create company team fitness challenge.


Strengthen team relationships
Overall employee health, welfare and happiness
Increase in productivity
Keep your employees motivated
Energized and focused throughout the entire day
Reduced time lost to sickness
Employee retention
Build Relationships

Company Pilates

I are happy to come to your place of business and teach your colleagues Pilates Mat Work. These exercises are done on the floor and only require one mat per person. I teach groups up to a maximum of 20 participants.

Another option is that your colleagues can train with me in small, closed groups with a maximum of 4 persons. At the studio, I work with Pilates equipment and focus on problems that are typical for people who do office work, such as computer mouse injuries or neck and back pain.

I work with exercises that correct posture and ensure optimal performance; this training helps your colleagues by reducing absence due to sickness and promoting greater well-being in their daily lives.


Terricka Fitness Body+ program discusses how to reduce or erase cellulite or lumps in the skin. Participants learn about Skin and Fitness can reverse the clock on healthier looking skin.

Nutrition+ seminars focusing on providing knowledge about food and mind. Understanding that diets are out and healthy lifestyle is the focus. Terricka teaches mindfulness eating and eating triggers. The food you eat is your fuel for your body and medicine for your mind and emotions.


Offer session(s) at your company, offsite, or outdoors. The class can include yoga, running, bootcamp, boxing, circuit training, dance, strength training, and strethcing.

Business + Fitnes

Training for DHL Stafetten race
Training for Toughest
Training for Nordic Race
Training for ALT for damernes KvindelĂžb