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Should your business be a healthy business as well?

Inspirational lecture, which is suitable for managers and employees in both private and public workplaces, is spiced up with practical exercises and easy instructions for subsequent use. The lecture is organized according to your wishes and needs, in order to obtain the greatest possible relevance and effect. For each employee, the lecture can be the start of a weekday with fewer sick days, fewer lifestyle illnesses, better sleep, humor and a healthier body.

Book Terricka for your bespoke events. Terricka is a master trainer and pilates expert

How to change your habits and stick to them

There are several ways to address changes in habits and lifestyle. It can be hard to come up with the right solution – we are all different and have different needs. 

Health in everyday life

Our everyday lives are often busy with work and family. But how do you get straight focus on the healthy habits and good routines so that there are realistic solutions that you can also stick to? 


Get a common understanding of what creates collaboration joy and good team collaboration. Learn how to improve your collaboration by strengthening the team togetherness.


U.S. & International Workshops

Terricka offers Pilates Workshops as an option to make the work she loves available to all. 

Her two -three hour quarterly Workshops in Denmark are a great way to work with the Modern Pilates for fitness centers and instructors, this can be effective way of developing your instructors knowledge and skills, and students technique to keep the pain free during their pilates journey, with hands on support.

Her International Workshops are increasingly geared towards Instructor Training, however, should you wish to gather students, friends or colleagues together for Pilates Master class with a goal or aim, Terricka is always open to discussing your needs, to create one day or weekend workshop for you. 

Please do get in touch if you would like to host a bespoke Workshop. 

Terricka offers US and international Pilates Workshops.


Clients Love Terricka

“Jeg giver min varmeste anbefaling til Terricka. Hun arbejder professionelt og passioneret med sine klienter og workshops.

 Det var en fornøjelse at kunne tilbyde en workshop, af så høj kvalitet, til vores instruktører. Terricka har en stor viden omkring menneskets anatomi og fysiologi. Hun forstår at udfordre den enkelte, så alle yder deres optimale og bliver mødt der hvor de er. Man mærker tydeligt hendes store viden om og kærlighed til pilates.

 Terrickas Pilates workshops er for alle, både instruktører, men I særdeleshed, også for andre, som bare har interesse for kroppen og træning. Vi fik præcis det vi havde håbet og mere til.”

Nanna Gade

Centerleder, Fokus Fitness

“I met Terricka in 2018, at Fitness Pilates and it was love at first sight. I had been following her on Instagram for a while, she was someone whose creativity I appreciated and work I valued but I never thought she would totally transform my experience as a Nurse.

Terricka is highly knowledgeable, patient, caring and encouraging. She has deep knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics, her energy is contagious! 

Pilates Workshop & Masterclass, DGI Huset Nordkraft

“Vi havde fornøjelsen af at have besøg af Terricka i forbindelse med et personale-arrangement på klinikken.

Hun havde sammensat et spændende og udfordrende program som var både hårdt og sjovt for alle deltagere.

Hendes engagement og humør er motiverende samtidig med at hun fremstår som en yderst professionel instruktør, med faglig viden og kompetencer på højeste niveau.”

Foredrag Masterclass, Storvorde Fysioterapi

I am a busy doctor, mother, wife. I have been training with professional trainers in Australia and Switzerland. Terricka lived up to my expectations. With her I get a well planned dynamic whole body workout. To top it all the ambience in class is fun and focused! Thanks Terricka!

Ranjeeta A.

Surgeon, Austrailia