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My name is Terricka Thomas, I was born and raised in the USA, but have lived in Denmark for many years. Previously, I have been a professional international fitness presenter, and have trained instructors as a Master Trainer in Los Angeles, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Martin, Malta and various cities throughout Europe. After a career of touring as a presenter, I share my knowledge through lectures, workshops and bespoke events as a Pilates expert.

I share my love of Pilates, as a Master Trainer and  Pilates education specialist with you. Assisting with athletes to improve their game or road to recovery. Women and men get up and move thier body.

Today, I am so glad that you’ve landed on my page. I’m happy to invite you to work with me as I share my expertise of helping people of all ages, shapes and size to connect mind, body, and feel good. My method of modern Pilates, HIIT, Cardio workouts and low-impact workts to make fitness available for everyone. I want my clients to laugh when they train and be happy about their personal progress. 

Along with being a training expert and independent, I am also the mother of twin boys, wife, and volunteer. For me, it is about finding balance in life through affirmations and actions.

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Here I food, fitness, wellness and collaborative work. 

Terricka Thomas is a Master Trainer and pilates expert

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