I’m so excited to collaborate with Christine to bring mothers around the world, “Mom’s Surival Guide.” Schools around the world have closed for the year and families are quaratined in their homes for an uncertain number of weeks. How can mothers adjust and thrive to bring balance into the home? We’ve got the answers. Christine and I are both mothers to small children. After, experiencing a week at home adjusting to our new roles as independent business owner, housewife, teacher, and activites coordinator. We know exactly how you feel and what you need to survive.

About Christine:

Christine, originally from Maine, has lived in Denmark for the past eight years. While studying communications at Aalborg University, she met her now husband, and together they have a daughter who will turn three in June. Today, Christine owns and operates a boutique digital marketing agency with another ex-pat from Australia, where her love of research and strategy has only grown. Faced with a minimum of two weeks at home in self-quarantine, she put her research skills to good use. She has collected and tested activities from the internet and has put her favorite together to help keep you and your toddler sane during this strange time.


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